Mercedes Bazemore

Mercedes Bazemore Background

Education and Certification

- International Fitness Professional Association

- Personal Fitness Trainer

- Strength Training for Seniors

- Sports Nutrition

- Sports Stretching

- IDEA Health and Fitness Association



Health and Fitness became an important part of my lifestyle due to my participating in athletics at an early age. The effects and importance of physical well-being and strength gains in activities ranging from daily living to competitive sports facinated me. I then became intrigued by the thought of the role I could play in developing that strength and well-being in others. Ventured out into the field of bodybuilding at the age of 38. Entered my first competition at the age of 40 and won both masters and open. Been bodybuilding ever since and became a professional after only five years.


Have been involved with weight training for over ten years at all levels. Worked with a variety of training professionals enhancing my knowledge in the field. Managed an all female health club for over ten years. Have trained clients of various age groups, fitness levels, and genders. Have successfully worked with clients with a wide range of health problems.


I strongly believe in exercise as prventative medicine in maintaining a strong and healthy body. Although the importance of health and fitness are so often camouflaged by our endless quest for physical beauty, the benefits actuallygo a lot further. We can lower cholesterol, improve heart fuction, change body composition, and overall well being. Exercise is truly the "Wonder Drug".


With my personal and professional insight, understanding, and knowledge I am able to recognize a person's strengths and capabilities. I especially enjoy helping people that justwant to be healthy and fit. Starting a fitness program is surely an extension of life itself. My programs are specific to each clients needs and capabilities as no two people are alike. I also teach them to exercise properly to keep them from injuring themselves.


  • 1998 AAU Old Dominion- Overall Winner
  • 1999 NPC VA/DC - 2nd
  • 1999 Armed Forces - Overall Winner
  • 2000 NPC VA/DC - Overall Winner
  • 2001 Junior Nationals - 2nd
  • 2001 Team Universe - 2nd
  • 2002 Masters Nationals - 3rd
  • 2002 Team Universe - 2003 Team Universe - Overall Winner
  • 2004 Europa Supershow Pro - 4th
  • 2006 Atlantic City Pro